The excess tax paid can be claimed and refunded, but only if you file your taxes. An income tax return is a form that a person is required to submit to the Income Tax Department. It contains information related to individual’s income and taxes paid, starting from 1st April to 31st March of the financial year.

E-filing is the short form of electronic filing of income taxes. E-filing is when you electronically file your income tax returns online for a particular year. This means you no longer need to visit the nearest Income Tax Department’s office to file your returns physically. When you apply for a credit card, the issuer checks if you are able to pay the bills without any delays.

Tax experts say the government’s decision to extend the ITR filing deadline is a welcome move and it would enhance the number of people filing returns. The Income Tax Department allows you to carry forward your losses from business or profession, capital loss, etc. to the next assessment year if you file your ITR within time. However, if you miss the deadline, you will not be allowed this facility.

An individual whose annual income is more than the basic exemption limit of Rs 2.5 lakh should file an ITR. The basic exemption limit for senior citizens is Rs 3 lakh, and for super senior citizens is Rs 5 lakh. Loss can be carried forward only if you have filed the return claiming such loss before the due date. You can still file your tax return on ClearTax without a Form 16.

By submitting this form, you hereby allow us to contact you even if you are registered under NDNC. The deadline for e-filing your Income Tax Returns typically falls on July 31st of each year. However, the due date may be extended in certain circumstances. If you are having difficulty e-filing your ITR or have any other questions or concerns, you can contact the Income Tax department for assistance.

Unable to download file” process of filing e-return’ It shows as file damaged and can’t be repair. I have 0ixed deposit in bank Rs.16 lakhs for daughters marriage, which gives interest about 1.36 lakhs and TDS is also deducted @10%….thus no taxable income. Income tax laws allow individuals to carry forward losses that may be set-off against future taxable earnings for up to eight consecutive years. To take advantage of this provision, you need to file your ITR for every assessment year. With new-age technological developments, you may easily file your returns electronically. With a few clicks, you may complete the e-filing procedure within a short period.

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There are multiple layers in between that ensure shielded flow of data and storage on the database as per well-defined protocol. After making a payment, our services remain valid for one financial year. You can purchase the service once every year for getting your ITR filed from our experts. They will assist you throughout the year with your queries and concerns pertaining to the year of filing done by our experts. If you have all the necessary documents including your Form-16 with you, don’t’ dither this time around.

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Now you can check your e-filing status on Black app, exclusive for users who have filed ITR through our platform. I would like record my Thanks & Appreciation for the excellent support by Abishek who I spoke to was very patient and responsive no matter how many times. The aforementioned guide should help you in the process of e-filing your tax returns in a swift and easy manner. The relevant ITR form may be completed either online or offline. Once you complete filling the form, you may upload it on the e-filing website.

You need to provide accurate bank details to ensure that the refund is received without any delays. Income tax can be filed electronically in India through the Income Tax Department of India’s e-filing platform. E-filing is a simple and secure method of filing Income Tax Returns, efilingincometaxreturns com and it is required for some taxpayers. To file electronically, taxpayers must first create an account on the e-filing platform and get a Permanent Account Number . ITR 2 is the annual return form to be filed in case if the taxpayer’s annual income is Rs. 50 lacs or more.

Over 60,000 tax experts give us constant feedback which helps us stay on top of every new tax clause. Bringing you maximum tax savings, unmatched speed and complete peace of mind. Products that perform seamlessly during any kind of surge, so you don’t have to worry about uptime and reliability. Ingest and process any amount of data any time of the month, smoothly. PF withdrawal before 5 years of continuous service is subject to tax.

E-Filing of Income Tax Returns in India

You can also use the Income Tax Department’s mobile app, “Aayakar Seva,” to check the status of your ITR. The procedure is identical to checking the status of your ITR on the website; you will need to enter your PAN number and assessment year, and you can see the status of your ITR. Here is what our delighted customers have to say about their online buying experience. Get answers to all your questions regarding claims, their submission and settlement. This section helps you understand the amount of money that you could invest in either equity or debt as per your risk preference. All our certifications and licenses, including GSP, were awarded after rigorous scrutiny of our systems and multiple VAPT audits.

efilingincometaxreturns com

E-filing usually results in faster return processing because the Income Tax Department can quickly and readily access and process electronic returns. In this case, ‘Income Tax Return–Verification’ or ITR-V form is generated which is a one-page document. First option – You can use a Digital Signature Certificate to e-file. A DSC is a useful way of electronically signing documents, because it is the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates. Our products are designed and tested by in-house tax experts, ensuring every new clause, form or feature is updated and sent to you over the cloud.

Can I file my ITR myself?

You can verify your income tax return through offline or online mode. However, to verify your return offline, you must print, sign and send the ITR-V to the Income Tax Department within 120 days from e-filing your tax return. It does not apply to companies claiming exemption from income from property held for charitable or religious purposes. If you are e-filing with ClearTax, we automatically decide on the correct income tax return form. Yes, deducting TDS and filing a tax return are two separate legal compliances. Income tax should be paid on your taxable income as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Now I can send UPI links in reminders and customers can pay from home. Yes, ITR-1 and ITR 4 are simplified returns and can be easily filled with some basic knowledge. Also, if you are a salaried employee, then you can directly upload your Form 16 and all the details will get auto-populated in Clear’s e-filing utility. This will make your ITR filing process very smooth and simplified. However, there is a relief given to small taxpayers, if the total income does not exceed Rs 5 lakh, the maximum penalty levied for delay will be Rs 1000. Individuals having Income from Capital Gains (mutual funds & stocks), business/profession, House Property, other income such as Interest, etc.

  • Once you click on ‘View Filed Returns’, details of all the past returns filed by you will be displayed year-wise.
  • There are instances where taxpayers are seen in trouble because they have lost their passwords for Income Tax return filing.
  • Also, if you are a salaried employee, then you can directly upload your Form 16 and all the details will get auto-populated in Clear’s e-filing utility.

Yes, you can still e-file your tax returns even if you miss the deadline, however, there may be penalties for filing late. If the bank account details provided in the ITR form are incorrect or incomplete, the refund may not be credited to the correct account. The e-filing portal allows you to conveniently track the status of your returns and receive updates on when your refund will be processed. There is a penalty u/s 234F of Rs. 5,000 if one fails to submit the returns on or before the due dates. However, the amount of penalty shall not go beyond Rs. 1000 if the annual income of the taxpayer is less than or up to Rs. 5 Lacs. However, if the taxpayer has an annual income of more than Rs 5 lacs and he files his return after 31st December then there is a penalty of Rs 10,000 u/s 234F.

ITR E-filing with Form 16

You can check various notices/intimations issued by the income tax department and how to authenticate them. Tax deductions under Section 80 are expenses and investments that help lower your taxable income. The lower your taxable income, the lower taxes you are going to pay.

Read more about efiling itr and the benefits of e-filing income tax return. You are required to file an income tax return once your annual income exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh. A deduction of TDS does not replace the requirement to file ITR.

Follow the instructions on this guide to e-file without Form 16. Electronic alternative to posting signed ITR-V acknowledgement after e-filing is now possible. After your e-return has been uploaded by taxspanner to Income Tax Department e-filing …

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