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Alloy Wheels

Our Company converts Semi-finished / Raw Wheels to Finished Wheels by carrying our Value Added Services such as Polishing, Buffing, Testing and Packing. The Company also exports Finished Alloy Wheels with accessories to cater to the US After-market.


Alloy Wheels
Inida, US

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A key advantage of Aluminium is its ability to be recycled. The Metal can be processed, used, recycled, re-used multiple times without significant loss of its properties. Thus, Alloy Wheel Chips and Filings can be used to make fresh Alloy Wheel Castings. However, given that Alloy Wheels are high speed critical components, it is most critical that the input material must be extremely clean and devoid of any waste materials, coolant, moisture or iron. Our Cleaning process first runs Aluminium Chips / Filings, through an automatic magnetic separator, then washes the chips, then, chemically degreases the same, then dries the same before being packed. Where the Customer requires Briquetting, these clean and dry chips are fed into our high pressure press which briquettes the same into high density blocks, which can be used as Ingots.

This process of Cleaning up and Briquetting is usually a manual process, very dirty and environmentally damaging process. PML has made it a very clean, automated process, and by not re-melting chips to produce Briquettes, no significant energy is spent for the above. So, it is environmentally as well as cost efficient. The Process has been developed as a Pilot / Prototype and found to be very energy efficient / environmentally friendly and cost efficient and the output meets with all the Quality Standards needed for manufacturing of Auto Components.

An important ‘Finish’ of Alloy Wheels in the ‘Premium’ segment are a ‘Natural Polished Aluminium’ / ‘Natural Buff Look’ of Aluminium, and ‘Chrome’ Finish. Chrome Plating Process requires the Semi-finished Wheels to be perfectly polished, grinding, and buffed before they are plated. For both the above cases, the Semi-finished Wheel Castings needs to be perfectly polished on all surfaces i.e. the front facing surface as well as the contours of the design to get the best final finish / look. Given the 3D contour / surfaces of the spokes of the Wheels, and the uneven contour of the casting surface, it is very difficult to get a automated solution. Consequently, polishing of Cast Alloy Wheels has historically been done manually and is very time consuming, laborious and skilled task. It is also very expensive. PML has developed a custom solution to address this challenge, which is a combination of Robotic Grinding and Buffing, combined with Automatic Media Polishing, which allows 3D polishing of Alloy Wheel Castings. The process has been automated to make it consistent / efficient and proven.

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Client: Awesome Company

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Area: 450 m2

Value: $ 700,000

Completed date: September 20, 2016

Architect: Jane Wong

Category: Polished / Coated Alloy Wheels